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Videofied is a unique system that incorporates an Infra-Red detector with a black and white low light camera. So when an alarm activation is received, the detector sends a 10 second video image back to the monitoring station so we can see exactly what triggered the alarm. Privacy is assured. Only when an alarm is activated will the system record and send images.
Completely wireless with up to 16 detectors. The system reports via GSM (mobile phone technology) so no more hassles with cut wires.

The low light cameras pick up and record images from even the darkest areas.

We offer options for a keypad, a card reader and a remote. All of which stay in radio contact with the Videofied panel. If they are tampered with or stop communicating a signal is sent back to base to let us know.
There are even door reed switches and smoke alarms available to cover all scenarios.

Save money on false alarms. Faster response times from emergency services with a verified alarm event.

Videofied has a proven track record for confirmed arrests.

Check out this link for actual footage that has been recorded by other users of Videofied.

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