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24 Hour Monitoring

Who’s watching your place when you’re not there? We can. Our state of the art control room accepts incoming signals from your alarm system through normal phone lines and a GSM (mobile phone technology) backup system.

This system allows for all armings and disarmings, all alarm activations and regular system tests to be reported directly to us, where our trained operators analyse the information and act accordingly. How we respond is up to you. Whether you would like to go and check yourself or have us dispatch security personnel immediately our system can cater to your needs.

We even have a system that allows a 10 second video to be sent back to base upon alarm activation, thus allowing our team to see what set off the alarm! Catch them in the act with Videofied.

We are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week to ensure an active presence when you can’t be there. From $1 a day, rest assured that someone is watching out for you.

Bureau Companies are also more than welcome to contact us. We have the abilty to set up and monitor your clients as well.